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Coach Daniel Silvas

Head Coach & Owner

Coach Art Reyes

Pitching Instructor
Softball Coach

Coach Thomas Torres

Infield/Conditioning Coach

Coaches: Meet the Coaches

Coach Sal Rosales


Coach Ron Torres

Assistant Coach
Community Mentor

Coach Natalie Smith

Coach/Softball Instructor
Social Media & Website Manager

Coaches: Meet the Coaches

SBA Alumni

Class of 2020 Commits and/or Accepted

Mason Whitehead - Western Oregon University
Chay Esqueda - San Diego Christian College

Class of 2019

Emiliano Gomez - Chula Vista High - San Diego City College
Joel Minjares - Bonita Vista High
Jacob Alvarez - Patrick Henry High

Class of 2018

Luis Rivera - San Ysidro High - University of Antelope Valley
Roberto Johnson - San Ysidro High - Northeastern Junior College
Alberto Johnson - San Ysidro High  -University of Antelope Valley/Indian Hills CC
Julio Avalos - Point Loma High - San Jose State

Class of 2017

Sergio Villafranco - Mater Dei High - University of San Francisco

Class of 2016

Andres Velasco - Bonita Vista High - San Diego State
Ricardo Sanchez - Bonita Vista High - San Diego State
Ryan Galuz - Sweetwater High - Southwestern College
Sal Rosales-Sweetwater High - San Marcos State
Rene Rios - Hilltop High - San Diego State
Ryan Skillman - Mater Dei - Academy of Arts
Andrew Tesner - Hilltop High - Southwestern College
Gabe Navarro - Bonita Vista High - San Diego State
Chris Hill - Mater Dei - Benedictine University

Class of 2015

Andres Puga - Sweetwater High - San Diego State

Class of 2014

Frankie Lopez - Point Loma High - Lewis and Clark State, Cumberland’s University
Roman Garcia - Eastlake High - USD
Joaquin Avalos - Point Loma High - San Jose State
Angel Luna - High Tech High - Sonoma State
Andrew Macawilli - Eastlake High - San Diego State

Class of 2013

Thomas Torres - Morse High - US ARMY
Mario Rivera - Sweetwater High - San Marcos State
Javi Avalos - Point Loma High - Mesa College

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